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MX Player Vs VLC Media Player Which is Better for Android User

MX Player Vs VLC Media Player Which is Better for Android User

Many user’s minds have a question about media player when downloading movies from the internet like ssrmovies we often find issues in the choice of media player software tools since they generally offer you similar sorts of attributes with hardly any dissimilarity. The choice is even hard for beginners as they’re unable to compare solutions easily. The article below can allow you to receive info regarding the detailed comparison of MX Player and VLC player. Both are well-recognized software platforms in players marketplace with small ups and drawbacks few attribute places.

Pros and Cons of MX and VLC Player:

The list of pros includes many similar kinds of offers; they are described as:


  • Both of them follow hardware integration.
  • Offer a wide range of customization possibilities for user platforms.
  • VLC, as well as MX, extends support to subtitle formats.
  • They offer a multi-support decoding facility.
  • Multiple languages are supported for subtitles.
  • Both these players support most of the video file formats.
  • The audio tracks can be altered dynamically as per need.

The extra benefit to this VLC system is the fact that it manages all media files with easy processing whereas convenient widgets make house display controls a lot simpler. You are able to easily manage all media files in its own playlist with simple search options.

MX Player owns a vast selection of innovative services such as pinch to zoom plus in addition, it supplies subtitle motion options.



The only solution to eliminate these ads is to cover the expert version that has added innovative capabilities. The expert version can ensure top excellent content delivery without inducing undesirable clutters on display.

The only difficulty which you can confront with the VLC player is the beta version isn’t much secure but it’s not a large problem for the android user since the brand new update is quite secure and performs much better. You won’t find pop ads on VLC such as MX Player.
An additional difference between VLC and MX is that VLC can help users in simple system streaming whereas MX lacks in this capacity.


Detailed Comparison of VLC and MX-Player:

User Interface:

User’s reviews say the very first look of MX player isn’t too impressive and doesn’t even feature a nicely designed menu region that’s a favorite in the event of VLC. However one has to mention that MX is an ideal option if you would like to remain focused on content delivery. Besides annoying ads, you won’t discover any additional distractions on its interface.

In the event of VLC, you can undoubtedly enjoy best screen controls with a well-handled hunt menu and besides, it supplies refresh options to remain tuned with the upgraded library. Users can quickly switch between video and audio files within VLC.


Viewing Media:

It’s tricky to show that some of those players perform better about viewing media class. These two offer excellent content shipping however, you can place VLC on the greater side simply due to its ability to play videos without littering the screen with ads. MX keeps on deflecting users with all these ads that could even insure your preferred movie content on screen. You want to create a payment to find the specialist version of MX that’s free of ads but VLC is free with loads of quality attributes.


Extra Features:

Programmers often continue enhancing their media player software with advanced features so that audiences may enjoy an incredible encounter. However, in the event of VLC there are the smallest alterations also it appears the same for numerous decades. This instrument is just fine for users if you do not anticipate extra material.

On the opposing side, MX player can serve your movie viewing needs in a greater way with extra features. Its lock screen attribute may keep children from control and gesture control feature enables users to enjoy simple controls over volume and brightness.

 However, both of these systems provide decent services but nevertheless, the continuous updates on stage features make matters more useful.



You’ll have the ability to avail excellent support service from programmers on the internet; it’s possible to attach via chat with actual support assistant and it is possible to avail fast answers for many troubles. However, you might need to wait too long to get linked with support staff as the MX Player Forum remains too active.

There’s not any doubt to say that VLC is the much better choice concerning support service. It’s possible to remain connected to info via the forum, Wiki, nicely designed troubleshooting manual and FAQs. The dedicated service group of VLC can supply you with an immediate solution for many troubles.